About - susanpetersen

Artesma Photography is me, Susan Petersen. I created the name as I create images, out of my love of the art form that is photography. I have dabbled in the arts all of my life, so coupled with my business savvy I directed these energies into one form. I started with a portrait studio that ran for seven successful years and have now fallen in love with travel and stock photography. I feel more freedom away from a studio so am looking for images that capture a new dynamic style.

My site is comprised of three elements: People, Places and Things. People are fascinating and my goal is to reflect their personality whether in their eyes, in their stature or in their movement . People also add intrigue into a scene so I enjoy capturing moments when one is in their own world or when one is just a part of the big picture. Places include galleries of my travels across the United States and the World. These are my very favorites of the scenes, the stories, the beauty and the wonder of locations across the miles. Things include Creatures and Flora & Fauna but also inanimate objects that are Abstract or Standing Still. Retail and Commercial work are also included in Things.